You will get a $10,000 refund if you build a house that uses 50 percent less heat energy than a home constructed under the 2015 building codes. If your new house consumes 50 to 60% fewer, you might get a $5,000 refund. Click here to find out how much you can get back and find more here about thefrmal energy. You will get an extra $1,500 when you add an air-source heat pump in your new home.

Due date extended to apply for the previous program
In consideration of the construction restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, we extended the date for the incentive scheme for new homes constructed in 2019-20. Previous to 1 April 2020, new homes that use 50% less thermal energy than the building codes (2015) requirements were qualified for a $10,000 rebate. Residences with occupancy permits dated before 1 April 2020 are also liable under the previous discount program. You can also apply for the previous rebate requirements if you agree with the following two requirements:

You submitted an energy strategy review from a professional energy planner before 1 June 2019. The deadline for your occupancy permit is before 31 December 2020. This current time limit for occupancy permits reflects the manpower and resource availability limitations that builders are facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Otherwise, if you do not comply with all the aforementioned requirements and the date of your occupancy permit is on or after 1 April 2020, you will be assessed based on the revised rebate terms.

How much will it cost?
The cost of meeting the 50 percent thermal energy goal is gradual and can, in most situations, be offset by household energy savings over time. Incremental costs can include:

Updating construction plans to incorporate the 50 percent thermal energy target. Production costs associated with extra insulation, if necessary. Labor costs of extra insulation construction and detailing. Incremental expenses would be special for each house. We recommend that you get several quotes and follow this guide to employ a builder to build a new home.

How much will I save?
The amount you save on the heating of a super-isolated home will offset the additional cost of building it. Super-isolated dwellings often tend to be more spacious and safer than normal homes.Submit your documents for the discount

Ask a qualified energy contractor and arrange a building upgrade plan. They will find ways to reach one of the thermal energy goals. Create your house. If you qualify for a heat pump discount, mount a certified air-source heat pump. Plan a second visit to the advisor to ensure that the final build meets the goal. The contractor will supply you with a thermal energy survey and an energy mark for your home. Fill out the latest questionnaire for a home rebate.

The thermal goal document is given by the energy consultant. Your permission for occupancy. Submit your set of rebates to the Energy Department.

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