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A presell sheet looks similar to the editorial content. It is basically developed to arouse the interest of possible customers. As a business owner, you would know what you offer and how to utilize marketing copywriting methods to impress the viewer. To create an effective presell page, you need to use power words as well as a creatively crafted context.

Presell page is a warm-up content or material with information that you provide and how to do things in a better way utilizing your product. It can be drafted in a storytelling style. This way, the readers can get connected to the product emotionally. You can also share the experience of a customer to attract potential buyers towards your product.

If you are following the story format, it should contain the individual’s journey, tribulations, and trials in determining your product and how he/she is relieved from ache through your product or service.

How to draft an excellent presell page?

If you want to take the product close to the customer, you need to utilize emotion appropriately. Emotion plays an important part in selling anything. The presell content should explain the pain and suffering before utilizing the product and joy and happiness after using the product. It reaches well when it is explained in both images and text. Divide the article with allotting a section for every product.

Introduce the service or product as savior. You have to draft the message like ‘you can be free from pain like Bob using our product’.

Recall the important things Bob could not do when he was in pain or while the suffering and things now he can do. Ensure to associate it with the right images.

Catching attention:

Your main aim should be to make the potential ones click the link on the presell page. It is almost like an advertisement. The link should be placed at the right portion, thus it could drive traffic to the presell page. It is important to add the link close to the content or image associated with your service or product. Think about how to influence visitors to tap your link.

Tips to draft description:

The description should highlight your service. Simplify terms that are complex to understand. Focus on the unique selling point versus competitors. Concentrate on the alternative’s cost. Think about how to react if you do the wrong way.

The description should have a quote and a personal story. It helps in adding authenticity. It should be short and less than five sentences. If you are using the image, question, product description, or product in the popup or ad, you should do the AB test for each message variation. This way, there are chances to find varying conversion rates.

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