Top Hardwood Flooring Ideas

Why To Consider Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood flooring is made from a hard piece of wood such as an Oak tree, maple, cherry, or Walnut. Because of the quality and versatility of hardwood flooring, many people would like to have hardwood flooring installation in their house. Therefore, it is quite important to know the type of flooring that would match your house. Read the full list here about the different flooring types. During the middle age itself, hardwood has been used as a top flooring material. However, with the help of technology, it is now possible to get thinner and durable floors. Hardwoods floors can be made from

1. Soft Maple
2. Red and White Oak
3. Aspen
4. Hickory
5. Black Walnut
6. Elm

You can also consider factors such as material cost and your family’s lifestyle.

New Trending Ideas

Here are the trending hardwood flooring ideas you can try at your home.

7. Dark Stained Wood Floors

Dark stained wood floors give an expensive look to your room. But, on the other hand, it will look classy, trendy, and elegant. For such advantages, use colours like espresso, Jacobean, or Walnut.

8. Whitewashed Wood Floors

If you own a farmhouse like a kitchen, whitewashed wood floors are the best option. This floor will make your room look brighter, relaxed, and bigger.

9. Blonde Wood Floors

Blonde wood floors offer a light feel wherein your room will look quite expensive if you use large planks. For such flooring, you can use stains like red oak, ash, bamboo, or maple.

10. Satin Finished Wood Floors

This is a classic combination of matte and glossy. This flooring will give a shiny look and also best in hiding the imperfections, if any.

11. Honey Wood Floors

These woods are a little darker compared to blonde wood and possess the characteristics of dark stained wood. Such wood can give a larger look to your room and gives a nice and warm feeling.

12. Gray Wood Floors

Gray wood floors are not only trendy, but they also can give your home a more vibrant look.

13. Matte Finished Wood Floors

If you use this wood floor, it can give an expensive and warm look to your home. However, you should know that it will become dull if poor-quality wood is used when using a matte finish.

14. Mixed Width Wood Floor

For such wood floors, you can lay wood planks of different widths. Usage of a wider and a longer plank can help in making your room big.

15. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Such hardwood flooring is the ideal one for families as well as pet owners, as maintenance is easier than traditional hardwood.

While deciding on hardwood flooring installation, you should consider taking advice from experts if you are in doubt. If not, you will be investing in something which is not durable.